NEDA Column – Finding the Balance Between My Education & ED Recovery

Here is my latest piece for my monthly NEDA column focusing on binge eating disorder! Originally published on the National Eating Disorders Associaton’s blog My eating disorder has had a significant impact on my life, as most eating disorders do, and it has caused me to miss out on a lot. One of the aspects... Continue Reading →


Major Breakthrough.

Content Warning: weight-loss (no numbers!), dieting, eating disorder behaviors The last several months I feel like a part of me has been in hiding with the eating disorder recovery community. What I mean by this is that I haven't been sharing some of the more vulnerable and challenging aspects of my recovery, and I want... Continue Reading →

Simply Complicated.

Note: This is NOT a review of Demi Lovato's documentary "Simply Complicated." This piece discusses my experience watching it & the positive impact it had on my recovery. Content Warning: eating disorder behaviors About a week ago the inspirational Demi Lovato came out with a very honest and raw documentary. As most of you know... Continue Reading →

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